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Safe Streets, Safe City is a plan for restoring greater security to Kansas City's public places. In a Safe City, businesses prosper and communities grow. People can pursue their day-to-day activities without fear of victimization.
In a Safe City the criminals live in fear, not the citizens . . .
Safe streets, safe city contains a number of key features that:
Promote the rights of law-abiding citizens to a secure city.
Envision a city with a much lower crime rate.
Focus on quality-of-life crimes.
Encourage citizen participation.
Increase police visibility.
Remove known criminals from the streets.
Target high-risk areas.
Fight community indifference.
"First thing, the city must be safe. You could be giving away fifty dollar bills in the downtown and if the city is not safe, no one will come."
(Mayor Buddy Cianci from Providence, Rhode Island)
"And I would hit on that point very hard today. The police department doesn't solve crime without the help of the community. And this is a perfect example of what I am talking about. We work together to solve crime and to prevent crime. "
(Chief James Corwin, Kansas City Police)
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