Robert Osborn
1962 - 2005

12/11/05 - "Robert Osborn Memorial Bicycle Ride". A great day to ride! The Memorial Ride in Roberts memory was a great event to bring awareness to bicycle safety on city streets, and honoring a great man. Much thanks to Brent Hugh for gathering the group of cyclist together. Thanks to Paul Hoppman of HyVee for providing parking space, hot chocolate, and many more items that helped this event to be a success. It is great to see much support for a worthy cause.
Thanks to the Missouri Bicycle Federation and the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation for planning this ride in memory of Mr. Osborn.
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12/12/05 - "Violent crime has reached a new low -- murder in cold blood because of boredom," Osborn's brother Ron said. Fabian Brown, 20, and Raphael Willis, 19, are charged in Robert Osborn's death. The pair pleaded not guilty to the murder in court Monday. Brown didn't appear too concerned about the charges against him. In court today, he pointed and grinned at an acquaintance.
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12/13/05 - Rick and Ron Osborn to talk on KMBZ 980 Talk Radio - 7:20am Tuesday Dec. 13th.
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12/14/05 - The National Huguenot Society has added Robert to their list of departed members and will be included in the Necrology List of the Chaplain General. Robert will be memorialized at the National Assembly held in Washington D.C. at the Mayflower Hotel next April.

01/09/06 - Initial draft for "Safe Streets, Safe City" Plan makes its web site debut. (click here for more info)

01/20/06 - WDAF Fox 4 News report about Osborn family web site. When at WDAF TV4 type in their 'Search News' engine "Osborn" (click here)

12/10/05 - The Alexander Majors Chapter in Kansas City made a memorial donation to the George Washington Library at the National Society Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR) headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky in honor of Robert Osborn. (Robert was a past member of this chapter.)
04/20/06 - Robert added to 'in memoriam' on Ride of Silence web site:
04/07/06 - Osborn family aquires non-for-profit status for SafeStreets SafeCity "Take It To Zero" program to bring awareness to Kansas Citians high tolerance to crime.
05/17/06 - Ride of Silence begins at 7pm across America to bring awareness to bicycle safety. Meeting in Brookside, MO at 6:45pm.
11/20/05 - Sunday 6:30AM - Robert Osborn is shot and killed while riding his bicycle home from work - HyVee (40 Hwy & Noland Rd.). He was murdered at 47th St. and Blue Ridge Blvd. just one block east on 47th. A shotgun blast to the back of the head killed him instantly. No known suspects at the time.
11/22/05 - Tuesday - Rapheal Willis is pulled over for a traffic violation and KCMO Police Officers notice weapons in the back seat of his car. Willis is taken in for questioning. KCMO Police discover one of the weapons in possesion of Rapheal Willis is the weapon that was used to kill Robert Osborn. Willis tells KCMO Police that there is an accomplice, Fabian Brown. KCMO Police search for Fabian Brown for questioning of the Murder of Robert Osborn.
11/23/05 - Wednesday - Rapheal Willis is charged with First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action for the Murder of Robert Osborn. Willis testimony is given in great detail to KCMO Police. Why did you do this the Police ask? Quote from testimony given to KCMO Police Dept. - "Because we were bored."
11/24/05 - Thursday - (Thanksgiving Day) After returning from Texas, Fabian Brown turns himself in later that evening. Brown is charged with First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action in the murder of Robert Osborn.
Rapheal Willis and Fabian Brown remian in Jail to this day awaiting trial.
Cash bond of one million dollars is set for each.